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    We offer several levels of dentistry at WCDG. General - Suite 100 Children's Dental World - Suite 200 Smile By Design - Suite 300

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  • View us on Yelp!

    View us on Yelp!

    Check out other customer experiences and share your own!

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  • Sit Back and Relax

    Sit Back and Relax

    When you enter our offices, we want you to feel at home and relaxed. We do what we can to make you as comfortable as possible.

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  • We Care

    We Care

    We want to make going to the dentist as pain-free as possible. We use the latest technology to give you the best dental experience you've ever experienced.

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  • We take most Insurance!

    We take most Insurance!

    Give us a call - You're most likely already covered! We also have very fair prices for those without dental coverage.

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  • Kids Welcome!

    Kids Welcome!

    We have an entire floor dedicated to Children's dentistry.

  • Plenty of Parking!

    Plenty of Parking!

    We offer FREE parking in back!

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  • We're on Wilshire!

    We're on Wilshire!

    Between Western and Wilton Call us today for your next checkup.

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Oral Surgery

Essential Care You already know how important it is to keep your teeth clean and healthy, so why haven’t you been to a dentist lately? Essential Care is about keeping your teeth and gums in good health.…

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We recommend regular visits for children beginning around their first birthday. • Preventive dentistry • Fluoride treatment • Sealants • Mouth guards to protect teeth and to prevent sports injuries • Interceptive orthodontics • Dental education in a…

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Braces are appliances which apply gentle pressure to move teeth to their desired position. Orthodontics streightens teeth, bringing your bite back into alignment and improving both the appearance and functionality of your teeth.Treatment may take anywhere from…

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Oral Surgery

Your Wisdom teeth (third molars) are the final teeth to develop. Typically, humans have four wisdom teeth, one in each corner of the mouth. They usually emerge during our late teens or early twenties. Frequently, wisdom teeth…

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Welcome to Wilshire Center Dental Group

The Wilshire Center Dental Group provides professional dental services for Los Angeles and surrounding areas. We specialize in cosmetic, children’s, oral surgery, endodontics, periodontics, orthodontics, implants and general dentistry.

Please give us a call today to help us assist you in your dental needs at (213) 386-3336

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Why our patients love us.

  • Dr. Silvereo did an outstanding job!

    I was very pleased with the front tooth dental plant I received. Dr. Naim and Dr. Silvereo did an outstanding job!

  • Still awesome at making sure you don’t feel a thing.

    I used to come here as a child and I remember they did a great job making sure I didn't feel A THING! Sooo, when I got a big girl job with benefits and everything (ooh la la! ) I was hoping I could come back to them. Just had two appointments in June. Still awesome at making sure you don't feel a thing. 1st appointment: check-up? I thought it was a cleaning but they inspected my teeth and told me I had a couple cavities then Dr. Silverio said I should make an appointment for a cleaning. The nice lady at the front, before I was able to complain or schedule an appt for a cleaning, offered to squeeze me into a cleaning appointment right after I saw Dr. Silverio. Sweet! 2nd appointment: Cavity fillings. I didn't feel a thing!!!! Thanks again, Dr. Silverio. I was expecting to be in there for two hours. I was out of there 40 mins after I arrived. Pros: Free parking in back lot. Little to no wait time Great at making sure you dont feel pain The waiting area is not nearly as bad as other Yelpers state You can book an appointment for as little as a week in the future. They arent suuuper booked! Cons: They dont open on weekends anymore! :(

  • You can count on WC Dental Group to take good care of you.

    I have been going to WC Dental Group for 10+ years and I have had nothing but positive experiences over the years. Each and every person on the staff is professional and friendly. The cleanings are painless and quick. I work downtown and it is so convenient to stop on the way to work - very close to subway. Sure the place isn't as "sexy" as some offices closer to WLA. I had a friend who told me she loves her "exquisite" dentist because he provides Netflix while you wait. I said my dentist provides great care at reasonable prices - that's what I want from a dentist. You can count on WC Dental Group to take good care of you.

  • Found my new dentist !

    Dr Willy S was nice, patient, kind, and caring. Found my new dentist !

  • I had an appointment at 930 and they got to me at 930.

    Excellent. I had an appointment at 930 and they got to me at 930. The staff is friendly comfortable and honest. I am so happy I found this office. Its clean very high tech. They have well set up establishment with FREE parking in the back. Looking forward to my next appointment actually.

  • They take my insurance.

    Have been going here awhile now -- and have had no problems. And, if there were problems, I suppose I'd know about them by now. Of course, I've never had issues with my teeth, so maybe I'm lucky. They take my insurance. I don't care to do X-Rays each visit and they have loosened up on that pressure over the last couple years. It's full service. If you need wisdom teeth extracted, they do that. They have a kids division, too. And generally, you don't have to wait long once there. It's maybe confusing getting there at first (park in back of building). Other than that, pretty straight forward.

  • Nice technology and helpful to your dental needs.

    Nice technology and helpful to your dental needs.

  • No pain and all very simple to understand.

    Great dentist great group of people, wonderfully designed facility. I have had through cleanings, fillings and wisdom teeth removed. No pain and all very simple to understand. I decided to keep them as primary after I moved to Riverside.

  • Definitely will be coming back!

    I used to have a phobia when it came to dentists because my previous dentists weren't that great or helpful. This dental office is the opposite. They are Very helpful, informative, and efficient! My mom told Dr. Greg that we found them through Yelp and he gave her a discount on her bill! How cool is that?! After our 1st consultation, the dentist broke everything down when it came to charges, sessions, and alternatives. The office is really clean and the X-rays were a breeze due to the modern technology they have. Definitely will be coming back!

  • …my favorite dentist..Margie Palomares..

    My visit at this center was good,but I would have like the service by my favorite dentist..Margie Palomares..

  • I am a very nervous patient…

    I am a very nervous patient and I've needed a lot of time in the dental chair lately. From my extensive visits, I can honestly say that all of the dentists at Wilshire Center Dental Group are top notch! Here's the list of the poor men that have had the honor of me in their chair: Dr. Gregory Kaplan (regular care, sensitivity treatments, implant, wisdom tooth removal), Dr. Cedno, (oral surgery) Dr. Naim (gum surgery), and Dr. Phan. (Root canal was not a big deal in spite of my fears.) I'm not good at planning my hygiene appointments so I usually go with whoever is available and I've been happy with everyone - Son, Laurie, Margie and Luis - I'm comfortable with all of them. I also find Wilshire Center Dental Group to be cleaner than most of the doctor's offices I've been to. Instruments are sterilized and taken out of sealed bags which gives me a level of confidence I haven't had in other offices. Wisdom tooth out, check. Cyst removed, check. Root canal completed, check. One out of 2 periodontal surgeries completed, check. Teeth straightened, check! Next on my list, an implant and a small perio surgery... and then I'll hopefully be dentist free for a while.

  • Dr. Silverio is an excellent dentist and I highly recommend him.

    Been going here for years and have tried several dentists prior to finding this one. Dr. Silverio is an excellent dentist and I highly recommend him.

  • I have been a patient since I was a child.

    I have been a patient at the Wilshire Center Dental Group since I was a child. I must say that I am always completely satisfied at their service! They always attend patients in a timely fashion and with a lot of care. Throughout the years, I've gotten braces, fillings, bleaching, and wisdom teeth removed. Thanks to all of these, I have a great, white smile on which I am regularly complimented. I have friends who've gotten these same treatments at other dentists but whose smile doesn't last like mine does. That's because Wilshire goes above and beyond to make sure I am properly caring for my smile and regularly doing check ups. I always receive clear instructions and know that if I have any problems, they will help me through it. The dentist can be a scary place but when it's as good as the Wilshire Center Dental Group, it's a welcome experience and I never postpone my visits here. Fyi- I am a student going to college in Iowa but I still insist on coming home regularly so that I can come to this dentist.

  • …the staff is very nice and helpful too..

    I've been a patient for many years, I've referred many people to Wilshire center dental. I have never had an uncomfortable moment in the chair, and I've had many treatments over the years.. Dr Greg Kaplan is so easy to talk to, explains everything, the staff is very nice and helpful too..

  • Free parking in the back.

    Free parking in the back. I was referred to this place by my sister and so far my experience has been good. General dentistry on the first floor and Smile by Design (specialists) were very informative and took care of me in a professional manner. I wear my earphones as I get my procedures. * Make sure you sign-in * accepts most credit cards and check * Oral surgeon is only there Thursdays and Fridays * Accept most insurances through work * They show moview at each waiting area as you wait to be called on

  • Would definitely recommend this place.

    My first time here for regular cleaning. I was impressed with the new technology of getting full mouth xray! Everyone was nice and the place was very clean. Would definitely recommend this place.

  • …it was almost painless. I’m impressed.

    Okay. Second visit for those dreaded cavities to be filled. I was pleasantly surprised how quickly I was brought in and how quickly I left. The dentist asked how sensitive my cavities were and when I said they were not sensitive at all, he recommended we try to use no anesthetic. I agreed because I hate the pain of those shots and the drool that follows. Shortly later, I was on my way out and it was almost painless. I'm impressed.

  • I have been coming here since I was a child and that’s for a reason.

    I have been coming here since I was a child and that's for a reason. The staff here do a remarkable job thats beyond professional. I do not have dental insurance and their rates are very low for the services that are offered. I highly recommend Dr. Marc for being very knowledgeable and Margie for cleaning. The front desk always greets you with a smile as well.

  • Solid dentist office.

    Solid dentist office. Close to work and everyone here is nice and accommodating. Just make sure to speak up if you want something specific done. Call to make sure they take your insurance provider. PS- Free parking in the back.

  • I just selected Wilshire Dental Group as my new dentist

    I just selected Wilshire Dental Group as my new dentist partially based on the great yelp reviews. I have to say, I am very happy! I have a really really hard time with the dentist. Everyone was really nice and comforting!

  • Seriously… this dentist group is a keeper…

    Just had my first cleaning with Mr. Sun... and it was great... more like a deep cleaning than a regular ordinary cleaning... Mr. Sun was very nice and very professional. I am very pleased with my choice... (and the biggest plus is... they are sooooo close to my apartment... yea!!!! and they have great parking... free!!!!!) Seriously... this dentist group is a keeper...

  • OMG…Dr. Marc is Super Dentist…

    OMG...Dr. Marc is Super Dentist... He should wear a big SD Logo and Cape... He replaced two fillings... upper right wisdom tooth and lower left wisdom tooth... in less than 20 minutes... my appointment was scheduled for 2pm... started at 2pm... and I was back on Wilshire walking home by 2:20pm... it fast, friendly and painless. I am honestly stunned at how quick it all was...

  • I have been a patient of WCDG for over 10 years

    I have been a patient of WCDG for over 10 years and I have to say its the only reason I still go to the dentist. If you're looking for pain free dentistry, this is your spot. I drive over an hour just to go to this dentist because of their talented and friendly staff. They actually take every precaution to make sure you are as comfortable as possible and always use every precaution to protect your health and safety. The waiting rooms have entertainment or educational programming which is always a plus. Do you need speciality work, They have it on the 2nd floor. I can honestly say I don't mind root canals after having several from their staff. They are true artists at their craft. Need kids dentistry, 3rd Floor - I love how they separate kids from the regular patients creating a stress free environment when you go in for a visit. Their X-Ray technicians are professional and experienced. Their teeth cleaning assistants are amazing. Now let me take a moment to complement their dentists. Bravo Gentleman. You have restored my smile to TV-ready excellence. I am no longer ashamed of my teeth due to years of neglect in my youth and have found new confidence and drive in life. Put Simply, If you don't like going to the dentist, you will find you will make time to visit Wilshire Center Dental Group. You won't be disappointed.

  • So glad they worked around my hectic schedule.

    I wanted to make an appointment to get my wisdom teeth extracted. This office has some great reviews and is covered by my insurance. The receptionist, Jessica, told me I needed a consultation first. After explaining how busy I am, that I already had been seen my my primary dentist, my teeth are not impacted, and that I am in fine health, she consulted with the doctor and made an exception for me to have my records sent over. So glad they worked around my hectic schedule. Now I just have to get my wisdom teeth extracted! Will update this review after I get the work done!

  • This town is full of doctors, but it’s seldom I come across one that I would recommend.

    This town is full of doctors, but it's seldom I come across one that I would recommend. Many experiences with cursory or condescending doctors and unfriendly front staff have left a negative impression. After reading reviews of Wilshire Center Dental Group, I was actually quite eager to check it out myself and see if it truly lived up to the many positive reviews left on Yelp. First off, calling in to make an appointment and asking questions was a positive experience. Too many practices these days where phone calls are answered only to be put on hold forever or answered by staff who are plain rude and unpleasant. Some doctors don't seem to realize that a bad encounter with the front staff can really turn people away. Having a professional and friendly staff means ALOT to a potential customer and a return customer. My first visit to the office was just as pleasant. Was greeted by a friendly staff. I applaud whomever does the HR here because every person on staff I have encountered here actually smiles, makes sure you're taken care of, and simply knows how to interact professionally with clients. Things were processed quickly and efficiently. It's a very large practice and even though they're busy, you never feel rushed or left ignored. Met with Dr. Marc - an easy going and good-natured dentist. Exam was very quick, and he seemed a bit short -winded on explanations. But overall, amiable doctor. They list what procedures you need and print out the descriptions with costs. Appreciated that. Again, very efficient. Overall, from booking appointment to the actual visit was a positive experience. And I'm happy to have found this office and would gladly recommend them to friends/family. Thanks, Wilshire Dental Group.

  • Actually looking forward in my dental procedures

    OK What happened. I think I was in a time warp and advanced 5 years in technology. HIGH TECH office. Panoramic xrays. No gadget holder Xrays. Xray tech was very gentle. Doctor was very knowledgeable. Nice, fast, efficient staff is always a plus. Actually looking forward in my dental procedures

  • I will definitely continue to go see Dr. Silverio

    This update is overdue and I remembered to update it because I'm due for a cleaning lol. But I do remember Dr. Silverio and how awesome he was while fixing my filling. Dr. Silverio explained that it would be a hard to reach spot( all the way in the back of my lower molar) but he would take care of it. I explained to Dr. Silverio that I had some kind of anxiety at the dentist office so he offered to numb me a bit more and if I felt anything during the procedure to let him know so he could stop. My procedure was painless and the Dr. said the procedure was tougher than expected but he got the problem fixed without causing me any discomfort. I will definitely continue to go see Dr. Silverio when I need a procedure. I hope he is still there.

  • I am happy and glad I was sent here.

    Booked two appointment for both my boys (ages 9, and 12 years old) and the receptionist was very calm, kind and professional. Today (July 16, 2014), took my boys. Filled out their new patient sheets and was off to see their new dentist. The dentist was very patient as so was the assistant. Both my boys were nervous since it had been a while that they've been here. Both boys received proper cleaning, counseling and treatment. I am happy and glad I was sent here. Free parking in the back is a huge bonus for me too.

  • Overall: Quick, polite, pleasant.

    Overall: Quick, polite, pleasant. About the best you can ask for when going to the dentist! This place ain't got no HDTVs so hit up some expensive Beverly Hills dentist for that, but I am perfectly happy with the service they provided. Called in Monday for a dental check up, got scheduled for Tuesday at 8:30AM with Dr. Kaplan. Went in punctually, and there was virtually no wait to get my X-Rays done and see the doctor. My interaction with Dr. Kaplan was brief, but positive. He took a quick look at my teeth and X-rays and told me I had 2 cavities in my molars, which I kind of expected already... although I was still really just hoping he would tell me those were really deep grooves. He also offered teeth whitening since I had some spots of white from fluorosis. He then printed out an estimate for the fillings (amalgam vs composite) and the whitening based on my insurance. Unlike some of the negative reviews here, I didn't get the feeling that he was trying to sell me anything I didn't need. In fact, I really appreciated that he gave me an estimate without me asking because I've definitely had some unpleasant experiences with my doctor bill before. They told me I could wait 30 minutes for a hygienist to do my teeth cleaning, or schedule it together with my fillings. Since I'm normally out of town for work on the weekdays, I opted to wait. 15 minutes later, the hygienist, Son, came to get me for my teeth cleaning. Another 15 minutes later, I was out of there with a reminder - 'See you in 6 months for your next cleaning!' Does anyone actually follow that schedule? I don't...but after this experience, maybe I will?

  • Good, quick service at this dentist office!

    Good, quick service at this dentist office! Dr. answered and addressed any of my questions/concerns. He was forthcoming with information, seemed caring and was very helpful. Location: easily found off Wilshire with fenced free PARKING LOT in the back. HUGE plus since most places don't offer that in LA. Building: older building but nicely kept offices. Comfortable chairs, nice lobby with huge tv. They have two waiting areas - "A" and "B" lobbies. One lobby to check in and another to wait for your dentist. I thought this was a little unnecessary but no big deal. I guess on busier days this works as crowd control. Service: receptionist was very friendly and helpful. I was a new patient and couldn't find my insurance card, she was able to find my information with my ss number on my insurer's website. I was quickly sent to lobby "B" and got my teeth x-Rays underway with cool high tech X-ray machines.

  • Bottom Line: I have to say its pretty good

    Bottom Line: I have been going here for a few years now and I have to say its pretty good I started comin here a few years ago and it took awhile but the place has grown on me. At first to me it seemed a bit like an assembly line dental care but at the same time they are usually pretty quick about everything. I had my wisdom teeth pulled here and I couldnt have been happier with the way it went. I have had good days and bad days here for sure but all in all, this place is pretty good.

  • I’m glad I found Dr. Rogers!

    I'm glad I found Dr. Rogers! She and her dental assistant, Corneilious, are both awesome! After living in four cities, I know the importance of finding a great dentist, and Dr, Rogers is just that. I hate pain. Have no tats, not do I have kids, so needless to say, I'm good on pain. Had to have a wisdom tooth pulled and two cavities filled All on the left side of my mouth. Not only sis Dr. Rogers administer the anesthesia painlessly , she did all the work and I didn't feel a thing. Corneilious was great assisting as well! Think I'll stick with Dr. Rogers from here on out! The other wilshire center staff is always pleasant as well!

  • 5 Stars

    5 Stars

  • 5 Stars!

    5 Stars!

  • 5 Stars!

  • The best Dr. Mark.

    The best Dr. Mark... and the staff really nice and helpful!! I really recommend it this office

  • I love Dr Greg.

    I love Dr Greg. He really is an amazing dentist.

  • The most professional and courteous staff.

    The most professional and courteous staff. Professional services. Win win all around.