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About us

The dentists at Wilshire Center Dental Group are both “doctors of the mouth” and “artists of the smile”. Wilshire Center Dental Group is a leader in the field of enhanced diagnostic technology. Dr. Greg Kaplan, Dr. Marc Schwartz, Dr. Willy Silverio and Dr. John Borel and their staff use cutting-edge digital imaging systems to drastically reduce the amount of radiation their patients are exposed to. Enhanced digital technology allows the dentist to travel beyond the conventional images of the past and gives them the freedom to more effectively diagnose patients. Thanks to intra-oral photography and digital x-ray systems, Wilshire Center Dentists are often able to offer early treatments which can prevent more serious problems.

Wilshire Center Dental Group is a multi-speciality group. Highly-trained specialists treat root canals, gum disease and offer cosmetic, oral and gum surgery. They routinely treat cosmetic tooth movement and treatment of facial asymmetry. They are experienced in handling the unique needs of young children to the young at heart. From the moment the patient enters the facility, he or she is treated with the highest regard as the staff strives to communicate all options in form, function, and esthetic beauty.

Wilshire Center Dental Group believes in the concept of total health. The doctors look beyond the smile and take blood pressure readings, provide oral cancer screenings, and perform soft tissue examination. When appropriate, they treat periodontal disease of the gums and bone, now known to be a risk factor for cardiovascular disease. The trained eye of the dentists at Wilshire Center are able to uncover oral symptoms of diseases such as diabetes, bulimia, and cancer. Wilshire Center dentists encourage patients to see their physicians as needed for physical evaluations.

Cosmetic Dentistry, including porcelain veneers and dental implants, has become increasingly popular for patients in restoring function, facial aesthetics, and million dollar smiles at a fraction of the cost. Once the domain for Hollywood movie stars, the dental professionals at Wilshire Center Dental Group have kept up with the latest technology and innovation to be at the forefront of their field. Let them give you a smile worthy of an Academy Award!