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ortho-ba-1Braces are appliances which apply gentle pressure to move teeth to their desired position. Orthodontics streightens teeth, bringing your bite back into alignment and improving both the appearance and functionality of your teeth.Treatment may take anywhere from several months to several years depending on the nature and how much correction is required to restore the natural look of your teeth. Treatment during childhood usually takes less time because teeth and jaws are still developing.Orthodontics can be done on both children and adults and with excellent results.A possible alternative or in conjunction with treatment may be a functional appliance depending on the individual patent and correction assistance needed.

Healthy jaw joints
Many children with narrow jaws, deep overbites or receding lower jaws have unhealthy jaw joints which can cause:• Headaches
• Neck pain
• Dizziness
• Earaches or ringing in ears
• Fainting
• Clicking or locking jaws
• Difficulty opening jaws

The ability to breathe freely
Mouth breathing can lead to orthodontic problems as well as other problems, such as lack of oxygen and poor sleeping habits. This leaves children prone to daytime fatigue, and inability to concentrate in school and headaches.

By treating problems early, you save money and may prevent the need for more extensive future treatment.

An end to ear pain, Deep overbites and receding lower jaws may cause earaches, stuffiness or ringing in the ears. If infection has been ruled out, functional appliances can eliminate these symptoms effectively. Your support and Your commitment in wanting to correct your teeth helps the process.

We help you achieve:

• Straight teeth
• Properly sized jaws
• Straight profiles
• And of course, beautiful smiles!


Eliminate Crowding

Crowded teeth are caused by narrow arches. By developing the arches at an early age, we may prevent or eliminate the crowding of permanent teeth.

Functional appliances can correct:
• Bite problems
• Underdeveloped jaws
• Narrow arches
• Crowded teeth
• Deep overbites
• Jaw joint problems
• Airway problems
• Thumb sucking problems


… and often prevents:
• Removal of adult teeth
• Fang-like tooth appearance
• Lengthy use of braces
• Speech difficulties
• Crowding